thepokerClub is an events company specialising in Poker & Vegas Nights themed events.thepokerClub has 9 years of vast experience and participation in the poker industry and community in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as the knowledge and commitment to driving the social and corporate aspects allowing this to be more sport and fun than ever before. Who better than our nationally ranked poker players to train you for one night of pure enjoyment? Making it not only a lesson but a challenge that can be won by anyone.

 The very mention of poker evokes images of middle-aged men, cigars, in a smoky dingy room. Not anymore. Today, Texas Hold ‘Em is the poker game of choice, and more and more people are playing it, in casinos, in tournaments, and at home even corporate choosing to throw a Vegas themed year end function or poker team building event. Poker’s popularity is surging. The concept of “anybody” can win is catching hold of the public like wildfire, and almost overnight the number of people trying to become that “anybody” is exploding. Poker has become not only a sport but also a fun social experience.

 These concepts is what thepokerClub hopes to deliver in each and every event that its involved in. By combining our quality poker accessories, tournament management and handpicked dealers with customised gift sets, themed invitations and a whole lot more, we deliver a spectacular experience that will be hard to forget.

 With thepokerCLUB it’s always a friendly game, no matter how much you lose or how much you win, always walking away with something.